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Personal Development Coach for Women

Wonderfully Profound

“Three things will last forever: faith, hope, and love; the greatest of these is love.” 1st Corinthians 13:13 NLT

The Sun never says to The Earth, “You owe me!” LOVE is the reason for that.

Focus on love, life, and learning.

I remember when I became so bound in the beginning and ending that I missed the middle. The dash is where FREEDOM is!

The other day I was asked a question about Jesus. I am very used to “Jesus” questions because when Christians find out that I do not have a religious identity, the first thing they try to do is “save my lost soul.” The problem is: My soul has always been saved; in fact, I don’t think it was ever actually lost in the first place because God dwells in me.

I can knowledgeably speak about Christianity and be completely objective when choosing what I practice in life, and what I know isn’t for me. There is so much ancestral wisdom in the message of Jesus of Nazareth. Studying His life and keeping Him in my heart has guided me and led me closer to my scared dreams. What feels right to me is, remaining focused on His life and not aligning my faith with the semantics of his birth and resurrection. This middle (His Life, His “dash” or merely “THE LOVE”) is how I learned to love, forgive, be patient, sacrifice, respect, live in abundance, remain humble, manifest, have undying faith, be grateful, work in integrity, be a leader, listen to my conscience, call on my spirit of discernment, pray, meditate, walk-in power, be confident, honor my commitments and be proud of myself.

My personal testimony is simply trusting the process. My spiritual evolution has been euphoric because becoming aware of my history as a Black woman has impacted my life in an amazingly beautiful way. I found my strength in not just accepting what I was taught. I decided to become constantly connected to our SOURCE. Jesus said, let God’s mind be in you (think like GOD). That is precisely where my peace lies because I am completing my soul’s journey by being in the space of God. I know that being my limited self is no longer acceptable. The wish I have for my life will be fulfilled the moment I believe I am who I am divinely inspired to be. That is when I will know all fear has been removed. I am FEARLESS. I am because I am God. I am validated in my total being because the only belief I have indoctrinated in me is the SOURCE OF THE I AM. My original nature is where my blessings and manifestations lie. I will always choose what God has for me.

When my heart started to be stretched by new experiences I knew that I would never be able to go back to old dimensions. I am thankful to be in the Light.

God is consciousness; not just a creator. God is the source of creation itself. God(not he or she) is not independent of you. God is the totality of everything. So when I call myself God I am not talking about my personal self. I am speaking of the expression of God that rest in me.

God is energy; not a noun. God is a verb. Once you think of God as a person, place, thing or idea you separate yourself from God because you are putting limits on God. God is limitless. God has no boundaries and neither do you. Neither do I because I am LOVE and that is profoundly wonderful.


Personal Development Coach For Women

The Spiritual  and Boujee Way

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