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Personal Development Coach for Women

Under The 11/8 Full Moon

Last Day of Year 36

Thank you for life, healing boundaries and solutions.

Thank you for creativity and growth.

Thank you for experiences.

Thank you for peace and so much love thank you for grounding and humility.

Thank you that my lowest moments did not break me.

Thank you that my highest moments did not overcome me.

Thank you for my family, friends and supporters.

Thank you for everything and everyone removed from my space.

Thank you for this moment in time and the intentional process it took to get here.

Thank you for saving me.

I am releasing all that no longer serves me purpose.

All that does not teach me grow me pour in to me or appreciate me is no longer welcome to dwell with me.

I only receive joy, abundance, success, fun and wisdom.

I am walking into my rich woman year.

I am walking into my stable woman year.

I am walking into my organized woman year.

I am walking into my soft warm in here.

I am walking into my healthy warming year.

I am walking into my focused woman here

I affirm that I will manifest the life I deserve by visualizing me at only my best!

37 will be my whole woman year.




Personal Development Coach For Women

The Spiritual  and Boujee Way

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