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Personal Development Coach for Women

Transformational Self Love Coaching

The feeling of Spiritual and Boujee was placed in my spirit in May of 2020, after reading Mitch Albom’s book, The Five People You Meet In Heaven.

Reading this story galvanized me to be fully accountable for my life. No excuses, only execution. I wanted to find my way and create any path I needed to own my journey. I knew I had to gain authentic confidence, develop intentional life disciplines, set faith-based rituals, and practice various self-awareness measures.

More importantly, I finally decided to show genuine love to myself because I owed it to God. I honestly understood that loving me was my sensible duty. I haven’t looked back since. I won’t! Why would I? The Spiritual and Boujee Way is how I live my life. The glow you see on me is God’s favor, constantly shining in all that I do. I’m radiant yet humble. That’s Spiritual and Boujee Bea. I know who I am, what I deserve, how I will get it, and that I am enough.

I have realized on my journey the more God pushed me outside of the box I was living inside of, the more I connected with my passion and divine purpose. I have been blessed beyond measure and allowed through grace and mercy to delight in luxurious pleasures. God already knew what I was capable of generating with my gifts, and I have learned to experience the presence of God and enjoy an elevated standard of living.


Personal Development Coach For Women

The Spiritual  and Boujee Way

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