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Personal Development Coach for Women

My Purpose

One thing that I have learned is to

"Make My Calling Sure"

I know my heart's desires are coming true every second I focus my intentions on serving God by helping others.

Whether through my podcast, writing, speaking on Clubhouse, a post on social media, or any other kind of interaction, I know that my work is meaningful because my ministry is to


All of us need to be head over heels in love with ourselves.

It is ok to have a healthy, genuine, and transformational relationship with yourself.

We were fearfully and wonderfully made because of God's love for us.

Our lifeline is love.

Just the thought of love makes me happy.

We are blessed with the ability to give and receive love, but often we don’t remember to love ourselves.

You have to remember to love yourself because you are created with the love of God.

If you do not love yourself the right way, then sadly, you are not loving God.

When we don't love ourselves, we feel empty, lost, sad, anxious, and absolutely disconnected from our source of being.

Loving yourself is not selfish. It is necessary!

I'm going to leave you with this question;

If you don't love yourself, how are you teaching others to love you?


the only way you will

Find Your Way

is if you

Own Your Journey.

I do it The Spiritual and Boujee Way!


Personal Development Coach For Women

The Spiritual  and Boujee Way

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