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Personal Development Coach for Women

It Factor

Escaping to where I know it exists…

My deity is love.




As long as we got it, we can make it.

We didn’t.

It wasn’t.

We wanted it to be.

We pretended happily.

Love wasn’t enough.

Love is enough.

I can’t believe it was love.

This new woman I am.

I have experienced unconditional love from a selfless man.

We weren’t love bound.

We were time bound, comfort bound, convenience bound.

Convincing ourselves it was time to be forever bound.

This is just my perspective.

I may be wrong.

I know what I felt.

The stagnant pool of residual emotions wasn’t enough.

A waterfall is how I envision love.

Here I am escaping to where love is compassionate, kind, forgiving and patiently waiting for me to take her hand.




As long as we got, love, love, love…




It is just different with him.

He gives me the kind of love I thought didn’t exist.

Connected sexual, intellectually, spiritual and emotionally.

We on are levels together that have me orgasm from conversations.

How did we loose it?

I know where it is.

Do you?

Mine is within, but it comes out with him.

Maybe yours can come out with another her.

I doubt.

I really think you lost it purposely.

You don’t want it.

Mine is not enough for the both of us.




It is ready to be it can flourish.

Learning love.

Living love.

Active love.

My deity is love.

I deserve all the love.

I have it.

Go get yours.

You need it.

You aren’t for me without it.

You are not for me with out it.

I don’t want you without it.

I am ready for it.

I see it in colors yet to exist.

All I want is It.

All I need is It.

Selfless, unconditional, forgiving, compassionate, patient, and kind it.

I’m not hard to find.

I’m where I know it exists.




Let me know when you got it.

Flowing love.

Evolving love.

It factor love.


Personal Development Coach For Women

The Spiritual  and Boujee Way

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