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Personal Development Coach for Women

Black Man Glory

Is it in a smile

It is his chocolate skin

Is it in a chiseled chest

It is his regalness

Perhaps is it in his velvet voice

It is the way he feels within

My walls of desire

My brain that is

Because he loves to escape me

It is in his intellect

The way I see him through my endless specs

He sees ME

He is an accelerated scholar in learning Bea

My mind is his choice

It is in his glory

Black Man Glory, I respect you

The reasons are countless

Black Man Glory is a whole mood

The only song my hips swing to

Black Man Glory is the vibe

The endless cadence of my aura

Black Man Glory is YOU

Black Man Glory, I honor you

Black Man Glory, it is your essence

All of me is grateful for your presence

Black Man Glory, I am taking you in

Emoting all of you

Reflecting on it

The GLORY of you

You are THIS and THAT and Yes and No and Up and Down and RIGHT and LEFT and REALITY and FANTASY

Embracing your Glory

Loving your Glory

Waiting for your Glory

Black Man Glory, I will begin when we meet again

So this is the end



Personal Development Coach For Women

The Spiritual  and Boujee Way

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