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The TSBW Box

The TSBW Box

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I Put My Bit Of Spiritual and Boujee In A Posh Box For You

Individually Curated Gift Boxes Include :

The Gem Gang Candle w/Striker and Match-

Candles remind me always to shine no matter the circumstance. Fire equals power. As this hand-poured Sea Salt Orchid scented candle burns, visualize your most indulgent self and bask in your force. Inside of the candle lid is a heart-shaped match striker to ignite your flame with a long stem match.

The Spiritual Way Gratitude Stone-

I placed a precious stone in each candle for healing, protection, and balance. Crystals keep me grounded. I look at the beauty of quartz and amethyst, and I see myself. God created me from dirt, yet I am inspiring, intense, influential, and captivating. These timeless wonders represent strength, endurance, and beauty.

The Boujee Way Luxe Snuffer-

Your light should never be blown out. It is your guide on your journey. The God in you is your light and makes you remarkable. You are a unique star. You were created in lasting brilliance. Stars always burn, just brighter in the darkness. Remember while you’re finding your way. Extinguish your candle with an 8-inch metal classic candle snuffer.

Own Your Own Journey Journal w/#TSBW Pen-

I designed this diary as a sacred guide for you to emerge into a self-reflective process and discover your way. I emoted these entries from my core for you to use as an evolution tool and write your brazen truth. You and God are partners in co-creating your life.

Spend time focusing on your dreams The Spiritual and Boujee Way.

Simple Boujee Sips and Tea-

There is always an opportunity to add charm to the simplest things. Create your own standard. Be your own boujee. We all have to drink water. Let’s make it elite. Simple Boujee Sips and Tea are natural infusers of fruit, herb, and Butterfly Pea Flower flavored melodies. They are organic, caffeine-free, mess-free, calorie-free, and used to boost your immune system and promote overall wellness.

Betty’s Spiritual Bag-

Betty Jean Brimage-Carr was my best friend, soul-mate, and grandmother. I was blessed with her earthly companionship for 33 years of my life. Now, I feel her celestial energy all over me. Although, I miss her deeply. I can only smile when I think of her because I know she is smiling at the path I am taking because she is beyond proud of me. Keeping a Bit of Betty with me makes me feel at home wherever my journey leads me. I captured the aroma of my memories in a dried chamomile organza pouch.

You can use Betty’s Bag for a bath, hot tea, or just adore the fragrance.

Plus A Bonus Digital Download of Endow Yourself Effortlessly Calendar Workbook

The Spiritual  and Boujee Way

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