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Personal Development Coach for Women

This Is My Season!

This message is from a book I read. I hope it inspires you the way it has for me. Reclaim your time because what you say is what you get!

An affirmation is a verbal tool used to change attitudes, build confidence and increase faith. Remember Consistency is Key. It is a great practice to state what you affirm to manifest at least three times a day! I am going to share with you an excerpt from Arthur L. Andrew's book, The Art of Self-Leadership. Chapter 7: The Power of Affirmations.

"I acknowledge that true discipline is the ability to master my moods. I am totally responsible for my life and where I am right now in life. I know that if I want more I must become more. I am totally responsible for my emotional, financial, social and spiritual condition. I say nice things to others. I respect and honor others. I deserve the best, therefore I give my best. I realize that not everyone is going to like me, so I'm not going to be discouraged by what people may say or think about me. I will treat others the way I would like to be treated. I will pay my bills on time, for it is a statement of my integrity. I am not a victim of any circumstance; I am more than a conqueror. I am beneath no one. I am a money magnet. I have incredible energy. My blood flow is awesome! I am healed. What I focus on will expand. I choose to focus on positive things. Positive, productive people are coming into my life. I am designed for greatness and manufactured for success. I am deliberate with my words. I think about what I say before I speak. I am excited about life. I will not give up. I will act as if nothing is going to stop me. I am unstoppable. I now release what I don't want. I create phenomenal wealth. I am getting better and better at what I do. I wish________the best. Money just flows to me. I smile at others. I live in the moment. I love change. I am intelligent. I inspire others. I manage my food choices. I have an awesome spending plan. I expect good from expected and unexpected sources. I ask for what I want. I lose weight easily and effortlessly. I love to exercise. Something great is about to happen. I fire myself up. Tomorrow is not promised to me, so I must act now. I am moving closer to my dream. I drive, eat, live in, and wear the best. I have a first-class lifestyle. My life is on the upswing. I will never be denied the mark of greatness upon me."

I was thoroughly and completely motivated by this book and will use this affirmation as a non-negotiable in my life. It is a simple short read that is very impactful. I pray that you experience the pivotal moment I did when I realized these words had to become my reality.


Personal Development Coach For Women

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