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Personal Development Coach for Women


I was sitting here doing my financial close out for July when I realized this is my third 4 figure month as an entrepreneur. First and foremost Thank You, God! Secondly, Thank You, God! I know I would never have the courage, strength, intelligence or creativity to do what I am doing without divine blessings and sacred purpose! Again, Thank You, God! Being a business owner is rewarding because of the freedom to do what you love in your own space. I know I am going to look back over my life and be so proud that I betted on me. The hustle and grind is like a intense game of tag and securing the bag is always base lol! I know that this is just the beginning bc there are so many things I am going to manifest and affirm as my season continues. I’m grateful that I have realized who my tribe is and what the Spiritual and Boujee Gem Gang needs from me! Btw we are 1k strong on Instagram and had over 10.2k views on Monday! There is so much that goes on in the back office that only my divine 7 will know, but a bit of insight that I want to share with my fellow entrepreneurs is that business is not personal. The support that will make you a millionaire isn’t always gonna come from the people you know, the people you have supported, or sometimes even the people who are supposedly rooting for you, but you gotta keep showing up bc only you are accountable for your business I have to be clear bc support is always monetary. It can be a repost, a google review, a client referral, or even calling to genuinely check on you. What you have to offer is not for everyone and that is ok. I have family members who don’t journal and probably will never buy a book from me, but there’s also over 20 complete strangers in the Mississippi Delta who are Owning There Journey and Finding There Way right now bc I wrote a journal! My joy comes from helping others develop self-love. That’s my ministry so I know the Lord “gots” me! Entrepreneurs keep being you. Don’t let the non-supporters discourage you bc your focus should be on rising to a new level of freedom. Moma and I were talking the other day and she said that I have always supporting others and asked if those people have shown up for me like that. I was honest and told her no, not all of them, but it’s not about the money for me it’s about finally knowing I’m living my life in a way that honors my gifts! The Lord has brought me so far I can’t worry about who isnt coming with me I gotta keep on minding my million dollar business, being a mother to my ahhhhmazing daughter, being a loving life partner to my devoted and caring man, being a great daughter to me wonderful moma, being an annoying sibling to my annoying siblings, being an enduring friend to my fabulous friends, and being Brittany Bea for me! To all my entrepreneurs out there remember there is only one you and the world is waiting for you so go out boldly and DO YOU! Stay Focused & Show Up


Personal Development Coach For Women

The Spiritual  and Boujee Way

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